My name is Krysta.

I am a people-photographer based in Albany, Western Australia.

I grew up on a farm in the great southern region & I've raised my family on the stunning south coast, too. 

The rugged beauty of this area, the richness of colour & the epic locations create stunning backdrops for wedding photos & portraits.

But in the centre of it all is you. 

And your people. 

My clients tell me they feel surprisingly comfortable & relaxed in front of my camera, even those who are the most camera shy and awkward. 

Probably because I'm much daggier than any of them!! Although my buddy Nic Duncan made me look reasonably put-together in this photo

Oh, by the way, can you see the people?

I'm super proud of my logo. I was a lot of fun to create with The Hub.

Aside from depicting the the incredible rich colours of our South Coast,

if you look a little harder, you might see the people

in amongst the waves/trees/landscape.

All in the shape of a camera lens !

To me it represents my style of portraiture;

authentic, imperfect faces in epic open spaces.