Rickie-Lee & Shaun

A modern day Tinder Love Story!

Rickie-Lee & Shaun were married prior to the COVID-19 restrictions, but they chose to keep their numbers small, regardless. You can read all about their big day below - Rickie-Lee was kind enough to answer some questions for this post.

Describe how you met & tell us about your proposal.

We are a Tinder Love Story! Our proposal is a hilarious story, I describe it to people as "It involved a melt down over choc milk, a fight over dog food and shot gun pellets" In all seriousness though, it was beautiful. On the beach in my hometown with my parents there to capture the moment.

Did you chose a particular theme or style and if so, why?

We chose a rustic casual style for our wedding. We wanted everything to be "soft" and welcoming. We wanted the wedding to have the feel of a family BBQ. Because we had such a small intimate group there (45 people) it was a soft romantic type feeling.

Did your chosen location have any specific significance?

I have always loved Pepper & Salt, that view. Denmark is my home town and where Shaun and I plan on settling to raise our family so it was special for us to be married here, we always wanted to get married somewhere that would mean something to us. We loved the venue and it suited us perfectly, our theme matched perfectly and our small group worked well in there - we weren't lost.

Tell us about any special touches/mentions/family traditions at your wedding.

I was the first in my side of the family to get married, so I had my grandfather walk me down the isle (my biological father has passed), it was really special to us. My step-father then had the father daughter dance to include him. My great grandmother was also a really important part of my life and sadly she passed before I met Shaun but had always dreamed of me getting married and having children so I had her crystals in my pocket for the wedding - right next to my vows.
Shaun and I had our mothers witness the marriage certificate as a special inclusion to the women who brought us into the world.

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day?

I think the moment we saw each other. Shaun was so anxious about the day and I was just itching to see him!

Which was your favourite photo & why?

Kung-Fo Fighting we call it. The photo of Shaun doing karate under my veil. This sums us up perfectly - our relationship to a TEE!

Tell us about your honeymoon.

We flew out almost right away to Singapore and then Langkawi. Poor Shaun thought he was in for some RnR after the stress of the wedding but me being me, I made the poor boy walk over 125kms in the 2 weeks we were away. I wanted to explore!
But with that being said, we did have a beautiful time. I think this time was important for us to step back and take it all in.

What one wedding planning tip would you give other brides/couples?

Don't take it too seriously! I am usually a really anxious, stressed person but I knew if I behaved this way for the entire lead up to the wedding I would wear myself out and not be in a great place for the wedding - thinking it had become a chore.
We had all the hiccups, including having to find a new dress just 6 weeks before the wedding! But we took it in our stride and made plans to work it out. Rather than getting stressed and anxious. Don't second guess yourself, make a decision and stick to it. It's meant to be the happiest day of your life, the lead up should be happy too.
Krysta! The best photographer on the planet. She will make you laugh, she will boss you around (poor Greg), but most importantly she will capture damn AMAZING photos. The amount of feedback we have received from our guests about how amazing she was - but we already knew this of course.