We've got some “Grape news”! 

Our local riesling was the big winner at the 2023 Wine Show - an absolute corker of an event! (Love a good pun!)


Personally, I was pretty chuffed that the grapes for THE Best Wine of Show for 2023 were grown  on the same road as our farm on O’Neill Road near the The Porongups! Congratulations to winemaker Dan Hetherington, Capel Vale for the outstanding Whispering Hill 2023 Riesling.


I love the story of how it all began - at the 1978 Annual Mount Barker Ag Show (located in Section L between Farm Produce and Home Cooking).

From those beginnings the Wine Show has grown in scale and stature to become a separate and distinguished event managed by an independent committee of the Agricultural Society.  By 2006 the Wine Show had increased in popularity and prestige and was relocated from Mount Barker to the Hyatt Regency Perth in order to showcase local producers more directly to the metropolitan-based wine and hospitality industries. 

In 2018 the Wine Show returned to its regional roots and centralised all judging and presentation activities in Mount Barker, with three key events within the program - Judging, Exhibitor & Trade Tasting and the Trophy Presentation Dinner.


What truly sets this wine show apart is the sense of community and camaraderie. Despite what this picture says, the Stewards and Event Committee weren't just there to sip (and spit!); their hard work made for a seamless event. 

Huge congratulations to organisers for a successful event.

This is the third year I've enjoyed shooting the The Wine Show of Western Australia which is still one of The State’s premier wine show and judges Western Australian wines exclusively. 

If you missed it, don't worry; here’s a taste of the good times that flowed as easily as the finest Western Australian wines.