That's Eric.

He's getting on, just like my Rosie. Eric is a regular in the photos I've taken for Mira Rar Vets over the years.

Mira Mar Vets are almost family to my fur-baby, Rosie. In her 11-year life she has :

  • been almost garrotted by a kangaroo (she looked like something from a Freddie Krueger movie - horrifying)
  • swallowed a poisonous puffer-fish and lived on life-support for 48 hours (she's now a case-study in vet medical journals!)
  • been bitten by a tiger snake
  • been bitten by another tiger snake
  • impaled herself on a sharp stick while pouncing on a rabbit in the bush

... and more.....

So, it's safe to say, Rosie is very much at home with this crew. A common response when I call to book in is "What's Rosie done now?".

The team at Mira Mar Vets?

Let me tell you, their warmth and expertise don't just stop at knowing the ins and outs of pet care; it extends to understanding the love and attachment behind each of the pets they treat.

Rosie says "Thanks Team".