About a month ago I had the great privilege of being on Country at Bluff Knoll/Bular Mial with Uncle Ezzard Flowers from Walkabout Consulting on behalf of WAITOC (Aboriginal Tours and Experiences in Western Australia).

You can imagine - I really was in my “happy place” - not only overlooking the farm where I grew up, but returning to my beloved tourism industry.

In one of my first jobs in tourism marketing roles “back in the day”, I worked with The Hansen Family who offered an aboriginal cultural tour at Tumbulgum Farm.

The photos I captured from the day were on behalf of  Briony Arnold from WAITOC,  a great organisation that promotes and supports local indigenous tourism operators.  Uncle Ezzard’s tour into the National Park offers a deeper insight and understanding into 60,000 years of cultural transfer of The Dreaming, cultural storytelling and yarning.

Cultural connection to the Stirling Ranges through prominent stories and Songlines within the formation of the Ranges.

Uncle Ezzard is a Goreng-Wirlomin man, born in Gnowangerup Mission Hospital and he grew up in the Gnowangerup/Borden/Bremer Bay/Albany area.

“I have followed, listened and talked with Elders who have passed on cultural knowledge to me for the rite of passage on Noongar Boodja. Through this learning, they have given me cultural authority for engagement, consultation, communication and a positive vision for the future of our cultural domain.” Ezzard Flowers,  Walkabout Consulting